You are organising an international conference, conducting negotiations with international partners, you need a translation or want to have a text proofread – nowa is glad to advise you and has the right solution for you.

Simultaneous Interpretation

For this kind of interpretation the interpreters work in pairs and sit in a booth. They hear the source-language speaker over earphones and render the text nearly simultaneously into the target-language. This kind of interpretation is especially suited for big conferences.

Whispered Interpretation

Chuchotage or whispered interpretation is one type of simultaneous interpretation, but the interpreters don’t work in a booth. Instead the interpreter sits or stands next to the person or persons who need an interpretation and whisper the interpretation to their ear. This kind of interpretation is especially suited when the group requiring an interpretation does not exceed two or three people. Chuchotage is especially suited for seminars, workshops, press conferences …

Consecutive Interpretation

The interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished his statement and renders his words into the target-language. This kind of interpretation does not require any technical equipment and is especially suited for conferences, meetings …

Interpretation at negotiations

Consecutive interpretation in the context of negotiations and talks in smaller groups.

Liaison Interpretation

The interpreter accompanies you and your international partners to various events like fairs, factory visits, guided city tours, receptions etc.


The written transmission of a text from the source-language to the target-language, taking into account different aspects like objective of the translation, common terminology and idiomatic wording in the target-language, text types etc.


Correction of a text in regard to spelling, grammar or punctuation.


All services are provided in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Russian
  • French

If you are in search of another language combination I am happy to put you in contact with professional and experienced colleagues.

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